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ATK: 270

売値 : 160,000s

MaxHP+20% MaxMP+20% スキルディレイ-1秒 マナリチャージ効果量+20% 物理・魔法耐性+5% 全ステータスが同値の場合…

MaxHP+20% MaxMP+20% Skill Delay-1.0s Melee R+5% Magic R+5% [Wizard] [Alchemist] Mana Recharge+20% [All Stats are Equal] MATK+30% ATK+30% [ATK up by Lv] [MATK up by Lv]


Gather the following items to craft

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Spina: 2,500,000


Once you have gathered all the required item, come and check on the blacksmith