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ATK: 280

売値 : 150,000s

刀 風属性 出血発生+5% 物理耐性-10% クリティカルダメージ+17% MaxMP+15% ASPD最低 サムライの場合、ATKがDEXで増加

Melee to Water+20% Melee to Wind-10% Critical Damage+17% Melee R-10% MaxMP+15% Bleed+5% ASPD = 1 [Samurai] [X = DEX] [X = X · 150] [X = X / 100] [ATK up by X] Autoskill


Gather the following items to craft

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Spina: 2,500,000


Once you have gathered all the required item, come and check on the blacksmith