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Mission Quotes

Mission 4: Hidden in the Ashes (Supply Route Shadows) Part 0

Ah, hello there, traveler. Thanks for coming. Sorry to drag you here, but there's a favor I need to ask. You don't mind, do you? The thing is, we're having to deal with lots of wounded soldiers lately. Not just from the war with Slebinia, but also from monster attacks. We just don't have enough antiseptic to cope. I don't suppose you could travel to the Micerne Plains and ask if the people there could help?

If you ask the villagers at the mine, they should be able to supply you with some antiseptic. The details are written here in this letter. You'd be helping us out no end.

You got Tilia's letter!

Mission 4: Hidden in the Ashes (Supply Route Shadows) Part 3

...I see! Hot spring water from the Ronfa Mountains! That works as a good substitute for antiseptic, doesn't it?

Thank you so much. Now we'll be able to treat many more of the wounded. Please take this as a token of thanks.

You got ★Fort Bailune

Take this too. It's a medicine that's been popular around here lately for fever. You look pretty tough, so I'm sure you probably won't need it, but it doesn't hurt to have it with you just in case.

You got Fever Reducer!

Well, after I deliver the meds, I've got guard duty around the area, so if you have any trouble, talk to Varuna.

Mission 6: Hidden in the Ashes (Mine Disaster) Part 0

I'm afraid I have bad news. Apparently there's been some kind of incident over at the mining village.

It sounds like it's the work of monsters, but I'm afraid our hands are tied and there's nothing we can do. Please, go see if you can help. For me?

You've decided to visit the mining village again.

Quest Quotes

Hi there, traveler. Have you heard of a Double Attack? It's a technique you can use to deal a lot of damage to your enemy. Would you like me to teach you how to do it?

It does require a lot of skill, though. That kind of power doesn't come easily. I'm not doubting your abilities or anything, but...

Look, why don't you go off and defeat the monsters here on this list? Then I'll tell you all you need to know. head hurts just thinking about it. Supplies are running so low that I don't even have enough to get the stove going.

There are Chakos everywhere in the aftermath of that fire too. If I could defeat some of them, then I'd have just what I need to get the stove going.

The problem is that you need a lot of fuel to get a stove ablaze for an entire household. ...I know! Do you think you might be able to go after some Chakos for us?

Consider it a kind of odd job; I'd reward you for your time. All you need to do is collect what the Chakos drop in the amounts that I need.


Makeshift Fuel Side Quest

Requirement: Must be Lvl 1 +

Objectives: Burnt Coal x10, Charred Stone x3, Black Fragment x1

Rewards: 30 exp, Traveler's Charm x1

Tilia - Fort Bailune

Tilia's Death Move Skill Quest

Requirement: Warrior Lvl 20

This is a quest to gain skills. Tilia will teach you a skill if you manage to do what she asks.

Objectives: Mimic x10, Death Chiro x10

Rewards: Longblade x1Double Attack 2

Tilia - Fort Bailune