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Greetings, traveler. I heard you've agreed to assist Tilia. I can't tell you what a help that is.

We're right on the front line here, and we're struggling to find enough soldiers and supplies now that the war has been going on for so long.

We can barely spare enough soldiers to put down one monster! What we really need is for the capital to send reinforcements


I'm Varuna, Lt. Commander of the Parul Armament Caravan. I think I've heard about you from Tilia.

You seem like a bit of a newbie, but you must be a little odd to come all the way out here. Well, as a thanks for doing so, let me briefly tell you about this fort.

To start off, this tent here is the Armament Caravan General's tent.

Essentially, it's the main headquarters of the Parul Armament Caravan, and where the Caravan resides. As for coziness... Well, you get used to it after a while.

Over there is the blacksmith, Dyron. His shop handles equipment maintenance and strengthening.

Behind me, you'll find Chat, from the General Store. Visit it for buying or selling materials and storing items.

In the back of the fort, you can find Telna, the Synthesist. There you can get materials, medicines, and such synthesized.

All together, we call this area and all the facilities I mentioned 'Fort Bailune'.

... Huh. Hm? I look a little depressed, you say? Well, I guess I might seem gloomy...

I've heard lots of monsters are popping up in Bailune and the surrounding areas, so lots of people are suffering lately. I want to go out there and really are kind of at a standoff with Slebinia right now. If I leave, there's no telling when they'll attack...

Oh! Explorer, could you go get rid of the monsters?

If you accept this task, of course I'll give you a reward!

Oh! You're accepting? Then I'll leave it to you...

Ah, hold on a sec! I heard about you from Tilia, but that equipment... What were you planning on heading off to some kinda picnic or what? ...Well I guess I have no choice, so here.

I'll distribute you some equipment from the Armament Caravan. You'd do well if you equip this.

Make me a Mage

You certainly seem to be enjoying life as a mage! Do you feel like the profession suits you?

It seems you'd like to opt for mage as your chosen profession. I trust you realize this decision is final?

If you're certain that you wish to fight as a mage, then I'll officially register you as one. What would you like to do?

Mission Quotes

Mission 3: Hidden in the Ashes (Monster Taskforce) Part 0

Now there's a new face. Ah, you're a traveler, are you? I suppose this is the part where I should welcome you to Bailune.

The thing is, there's nothing much here to welcome you to.
...Hm? I look troubled, you say? Well, I suppose I am a bit down in the dumps.

You see, this town and the areas around it are absolutely riddled with monsters. They're causing the local population no end of trouble.

I'd like nothing more than to launch an attack, but here on the Armaments Caravan, we're locked into a ridiculous stalemate with Slebinia.

If we leave this spot, it'd likely result in them invading. The last thing we want is to give them an incentive to start a nonsensical battle.

So unfortunately that means we're stuck and there's nothing to be done about it. ...Unless! I don't suppose you'd consider taking on a few monsters on our behalf, would you?

Naturally you'd be rewarded, provided you brought some proof of your success, that is.

Hold on a minute! Don't set off right away. I notice that you're, lacking in the weapons department. I think that our Caravan should equip you better, under the circumstances.

Help yourself to whatever you like the look of. Not all of them, mind you! Just select one.

Mission 3: Hidden in the Ashes (Monster Taskforce) Part 1

Greetings, traveler. Did you bring proof? ...Oh my goodness! You defeated that many of them!? You're a force to be reckoned with.

On the downside, this just goes to show what an extraordinary number of monsters we have in our midst at the moment. I wonder what could possibly be causing such a phenomenon.

Oh yes! I almost forgot. I promised to give you a reward for your efforts, didn't I? Here you are.

You got Leather Armor

It's a supply for our caravan. Make use of it. Oh, and take this one.

You got a Special Membership Card!

This Special Membership Card is handed out to people working with the Armament Caravan. It'll give you access to places that are usually restricted, like the mines. If you hand it over in villages with a mine, you'll be able to come and go as you like. Also, before you head to the mines, could you go see Tilia? She seemed kinda worried...

Try to help her out, if you can. I appreciate it.

Mission 8: Bizarre Encounter (Forgotten Shadow) Part 0

Ah, greetings, traveler. You've come at a good time. I don't suppose I could ask another favor of you?

You see, the troops have brought a worrying story to my attention. It concerns a long-forgotten cave located some distance from this town.

Apparently it emits a strange light and eerie noises when night falls. Not only that, but it appears to be causing landslides which have injured a good number of people.

It's my opinion that this is the work of monsters lurking inside the cave. If you're willing, I'd like you to go monster hunting for me again.

I can rely on you! Thanks, Explorer.
Well then, the Forgotten Cave is pretty far away, so allow me to explain how to get there. First, from here, head through Bailune City, Rokoko Mining Village, and the Ronfa Mountains. When you get to the Ronfa Mountains, follow the narrow road and aim for Rokoko City in the south.

When you get to Rokoko City, continue east and move into the Rokoko Plains. The entrance to the Forgotten Cave should be in the north of the Rokoko Plains. That's it. Did you get all that?

Yea! Then I'll leave it to you. These are gifts for accepting my request. Make good use of them.

Mission 8: Bizarre Encounter (Forgotten Shadow) Part 2

So how did you fare? ...No! A dragon!? I must admit that I did have a feeling it was no ordinary monster. It was obviously something big if it was causing havoc with landslides like that. But a dragon!

And what of this dragon? Surely you didn't--
...No! You managed to defeat it!? Well...I'm...just...speechless!
What a terrifying character you are!

Anyway, you've helped us out no end. I hope we'll continue to be of mutual assistance in the future.

Quest Quotes

Come a little bit closer, will you? I want to tell you about the lucky necklaces they have over in Parul. They're magical things and there are lots of different types.

I collect them, you know. ...Hm? Why are you looking at me like that? Why shouldn't I collect such a thing!?

The thing is, they're hand made. You have to take the ingredients to the Seer over in Rokoko, otherwise they won't have any magic powers.

Here's where I'd like to ask you a favor. Could you collect some ingredients for me and take them to the Seer? I'd like another necklace, you see. You'd really be helping me out.

Ah, do you have a minute? Adopt a defensive position!

...Hm? Am I right in thinking that you've never learned the proper way to defend yourself?

I didn't become second in command by accident, you know. I know what I see. If you're planning to make your life as a warrior, then you'd be wise to take some time at this stage to learn proper defense tactics.

The best way to go about doing that is to set yourself the challenge of defeating some tough enemies.

Why don't you go off and try your hand at beating the monsters here on this list? Then I'll talk again.

...Absurd? Of course it's not absurd. If you succeed in this mission, you'll be sure to come away with formidable powers of defense.

Naturally there are some risks involved. I'm sure you know to be cautious, though.


Lucky Necklace Side Quest

Requirement: Lvl 13 +

You are to collect 5 Frog Eyes from the Brosch in Micerne Plains, 5 Spider Silk from the Nepheels in Ronfa Mountains/Cave and 5 Small Dragon Claws from the Dragnofs in Ronfa Mountain. You hand in these materials to Telna the Alchemist to make the Lucky Necklace, then hand it to Varuna.

Objectives: Frog Eye x5, Spider Silk x5, Small Dragon Claw x5

Rewards: 250 exp, Revita (M) x10

Varuna - Fort Bailune

☆Judgement Machine Scenario Quest

Requirement: The mission [Vestiges of Darkness] must be completed

Varuna talks of Gulie, the criminal hailing from Sofya, has run off with a dangerous machine... You must investigate. You will be rewarded 208,000 EXP (16,600,000 EXP for completing it for the first time).

Objectives: Dooms x1

Rewards: 208,000 exp,

Varuna - Fort Bailune

Toughen Up Skill Quest

Requirement: Lvl 20 Warrior

This is a quest to gain skills. Varuna will teach you a skill if you manage to do what he asks.

Objectives: Gargoyle x10 Cubic Fragment x30

Rewards: Regera (S) x10Defense 2

Varuna - Fort Bailune